The Lesson From The Oklahoma Tornado

The magnitude of the tragedy in Moore, Oklahoma from an unimaginably devastating EF5 tornado, is being matched by the outpouring of assistance from organizations and individuals who provide and donate services, money, and supplies. This assistance is critical to the recovery and healing of body and spirit for individuals and communities alike. (See the before/after satellite image, below.)


Having this assistance on the scene and in sufficient quantity is vitally important. This is why it is necessary to be well stocked and prepared. How can you and I participate in this work?

The Fastest Why To Help

The media emphasize that the best support someone can provide is to donate to the agencies that are on the ground, and for good reason. They have the experience, equipment, and processes to organize and distribute vitally needed items like food, water, toiletries, and medications. As valuable as a case of food, for example, might seem as a donation, in reality it may never get into the disaster relief system in time. And this is why monetary donations are requested, because money is the fastest and most effective way that relief services can be provided after an emergency occurs.

The Lesson For Local Emergency Relief Agencies

Local emergency relief agencies don’t have the benefit of mass media drawing attention to their needs. For these agencies it is even more important to be well stocked. And because supplies tend to be small and quickly consumed, having a ready and easy way to replenish supplies can mean the difference between a partial and full relief effort.

The lesson from Oklahoma, and all the other disasters we’ve heard about, is to support the relief agency of your choice before supplies are needed, and to respond immediately with additional monetary support when a local disaster occurs.

Find And Support The Agency of Your Choice

You probably know of several now or can easily learn of them through your civic organizations, house of worship, or local government. Commit to taking action now. An excellent resource for help services on Long Island is the Long Island Council of Churches.

Consider the Long Island Council of Churches

The Long Island Council of Churches serves nearly 800 faith communities in Nassau and Suffolk County, Long Island, with emergency food assistance and so much more.

Recently, the LICC developed an online donation website,, that can make giving quick and easy.

Don't Wait For Another Disaster

So, regardless of what agency you donate to, donate now so that it will be prepared for the emergencies of the future.

(Image courtesy of Gizmodo.)