How It Works: Basics

The primary purpose of this website is to make it easy for anyone to donate needed items (like food, seasonal clothing, and health aids) for distribution by the LICC. 

Like An Online Shopping Cart

If you've ever used an online shopping cart you will understand how to donate here.

  • Select an item or items from one on the online donation categories
  • Indicate quantity
  • Donate cash if you prefer
  • Proceed to checkout
  • Pay with your credit card

Here's The Difference

Instead of receiving an item and dropping it off somewhere, you make a donation for it and LICC distributes it for you.

What You Get

Just like online shopping, you will receive a receipt via email with the items and amount of your purchase. No tax will be added. Your credit card statement will show a debit from PayPal. 


Go to the "Donate Now" tab in the main menu or click here

For more information, read How It Works: My First Donation.