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    Be sure to read "Hunger And The Lack Of Health Insurance." Here's the bottom line: "None of the vulnerable people we serve has adequate health insurance. Most have none at all. They can’t afford to fill their prescriptions and can’t afford to see a doctor, so they stay sick and get sicker. Sometimes they die." 

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    • LICC Emergency Pantry 2023 Statistics

      As of January 31, 2023 the LICC Emergency Food Center has served 5,827 of our Neighbors 52,443 meals.

      In 2022, the LICC Emergency Food Center served 63,223 of our Neighbors 569,007 meals.

      In 2021 the LICC Emergency Food Center has served 52,905 of our Neighbors 477,459 meals.

      In 2020 the LICC Emergency Food Center has served 66,736 of our Neighbors 600,624 meals.

      In 2019 we served 30,649 Neighbors 275,841 meals.


    • The Long Island Council of Churches (LICC) 

      The Long Island Council of Churches (LICC) is the coordinating body for the ecumenical work of churches throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties. For over five decades the LICC has been an effective center for the coordination, referral and assistance for low-to-moderate income Long Islanders. Through our extensive network of social support resources and our ability to mobilize the volunteer and advocacy efforts of nearly 800 faith communities, the LICC is uniquely qualified to respond to the emergency needs of the least fortunate throughout our region. Learn more