Donating food can be a hassle. There's the trip to the store, the checkout, and the drop off. Many times I've forgotten to drop off the food, only to be reminded when I open the hatchback door. There are other times when my church is not open. And, of course, there's the issue with the receipt for tax purposes.

I'd donate more, more often, if it were easier.

food donation page at liccdonate.orgThe Easy Way To Donate Food

The Long Island Council of Churches has developed an easy way to donate food (and other items). It's part of a new website that you can check out at

Donating food is now as easy as buying a book from Amazon and sending it to a relative or friend. You select the item(s) you want to donate, add them to the online shopping cart, and pay with a credit card. You get your receipt via email, instantly. And it only takes a minute or two.

Having a birthday party for a young child and don't want gifts? Suggest that food be donated instead and include the website in the invitation.

More food to more hungry people. That's what it's all about.