Sad But True: This Holiday Your Leftovers May Be Someone's Main Meal

Are you having a holiday party? What are you going to do with the leftovers? The LICC would be glad to receive nonperishable food, and Island Harvest or the Interfaith Nutrition Network may be able to point you toward a nearby soup kitchen that can take prepared food that has not been served. Planning in advance can get your leftovers to someone who really needs them. Last Christmas Eve one well-intentioned person left a message on my home phone on Christmas Eve asking where to take a large quantity of party food—a message I did not receive in time to help them find someone who needed it.

And Then There's The Superbowl

And it is not too early to start planning for Superbowl party leftovers. In addition to observing Souper Bowl Sunday—where youth collect canned goods and donations for a local emergency food pantry during worship on Sunday-- the Congregational Church of Huntington collected food last year the day after the game for a homeless shelter. It is important to work with a soup kitchen or shelter whose staff has been trained in food rescue—our staff is trained regularly by Island Harvest and Long Island Cares, our region’s major food bank and food rescue organizations. Island Harvest can point you toward a nearby shelter or soup kitchen that would be glad to receive donations if you call 516-294-8528.

How LICC Makes The Most Of Your Food Donations

The LICC gladly accepts all sorts of non-perishable food, and we can often take perishable donations, too, but it is best to call first to see if we have room in or refrigerators and freezers. Donations can be dropped off at our Freeport Emergency Food Center (230 Hanse Avenue, 516-868-4989). Please call if you plan to make a delivery to the pantry. And if you have a large quantity of food to donate, we would be glad to pick it up.

You can also buy food for our food pantries through the links on this Web site, which allows us to get as much as possible from your donation and to get the items that our neighbors need the most.

Updated 05/2020