Each year we feed more and more hard-working Long Islanders at the LICC who just cannot make ends meet. Every month they face a “Sophie’s Choice”: pay the rent or fill a prescription, keep the lights on or put food on the table. 

At the LICC we often feed more than 1,500 of our neighbors each month. Many people assume that those who need emergency food pantries and soup kitchens are unemployed, but this is no longer true on Long Island. 85% of the families we feed each month at our Freeport Emergency Food Center in Freeport have at least one adult member who is employed. It is not that they are not working—though they might like to work more hours or earn more money doing so—it is that their paycheck does not cover life’s necessities.  The same is true in many emergency shelters where most of the people who stay there get up in the morning and go to work—or go to grade school.
The LICC gladly accepts all sorts of non-perishable food. These can be dropped off at our Freeport Emergency Food Center (230 Hanse Avenue, 516-868-4989). Please call if you plan to make a delivery to the pantry. And if you have a large quantity of food to donate, we would be glad to pick it up.
You can also buy food for our food pantries through the links on this Web site, which allows us to get as much as possible from your donation and to get the items that our neighbors need the most.
Thanks for your support!