Statistics can be cold and unemotional. Take, for example, the statistic that every three seconds a child meets an end that should have been preventable. (Hunger and disease are the main culprits.) As horrifying as it may seem, this statistic is almost impossible to comprehend and, if comprehended, may be blotted out of consciousness due to its horrific nature.

But what if this statistic were represented in a video? 

That's the purpose of the video below making the rounds on the Internet. The video shows a boys' choir singing in harmony that is interrupted as one boy after another walks away. Hard. Chilling. Riveting. 


Hunger has a face to it. It is real. It steals our youth and saps the life out of all of us. The Long Island Council of Churches (LICC) is one of numerous organizations that address hunger head-on. Support the work of the LICC here or another organization of your choice because we can't let our young ones simply disappear from want of food.

(Don Metznik is a guest blogger and his comments are entirely his own. The video was found on the International Children's Fund Channel on YouTube. The use of the video is intended to dramatize a situation and does not endorse any particular organization. You may reach Don at