No More Hungry Holidays


For an increasing number of adults and children this wish will not come true. Stop this from happening. Learn about the problem, send letters to your lawmakers (see below), make your own donation and Like our Facebook page.

The Problem: Increasing Need - Declining County Funding

*Each year Department of Social Services (DSS) sends us more people to assist under our contract with them. In 2017, we fed 21,000 people in Nassau, almost all of whom are awaiting public assistance, Medicaid, or SNAP benefits. In addition, DSS refers many people for help with housing, utility bills, prescriptions, transportation and other problems whom they have not been able to help. 

*Each year, the Nassau DSS contract covers less and less of the cost of the services they ask us to provide. The amount of expenses DSS will reimburse has not increased in 30 years and was actually cut about 25% three years ago. The 2015 DSS budget slashes our reimbursement further, from $100,000 a year to $60,000.  

*We are already operating on a shoestring, with only one full-time staff at the biggest pantry on Long Island, for example, and only $100,000 reimbursement this year.  With Nassau County sending an ever-growing number of people to assist, each county should increase the amount we are reimbursed, not slash it. 

The problem only YOU can help us solve:  In Nassau County, the Department of Social Services asked us to provide a large, centralized emergency food center decades ago and provide other assistance in Freeport, but has slashed the amount they will reimburse us.  



Make a personal donation for immediate help and contact your county legislator and ask him or her to increase the amount of money budgeted to reimburse us for the assistance they ask us to provide.

Nassau County Legislature Presiding Officer Richard J. Nicolello
Nassau County Legislature
1550 Franklin Ave.  
Mineola, NY 11501

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Feel free to copy or cut and paste these words:


Please support Long Island Council of Churches. As a taxpayer and voter of this County, I would like to share with you my concern about the lack of funding that is being allocated to help feed our poor, needy and powerless. It has come to my attention that the County Government refers thousands of hungry families, and individuals to the Long Island Council of Churches (LICC) for emergency services, and food donations but no substantial financial assistance in return.  

I ask you to please take a moment and remember that the people who use the LICC’s services are our neighbors and friends who may be forced to choose between paying their rent and buying food. They are single Moms raising children alone, adult men working at minimum wage trying to feed their families and pay the rent, and seniors, an increasing number of whom are raising their grandchildren.  

As a Taxpayer of this County, I strongly urge you to stand up for our food insecure families by helping fund the LICC’s “No More Hungry Holidays” efforts. Children who are fed the nutritional food that the LICC provides are better equipped to learn in school, and their health and self-esteem are improved. This is how I want my tax dollars to be spent!

Wishing you a happy and replete holiday season,