If only food had wheels and could propel GMC cargo van needed for food donationsitself. Imagine cases of canned vegetables, pasta, tuna fish - all the staples of nutrition - maneuvering on the Long Island Expressway and down side streets, just like a huge go-kart rally, to hungry families.

The Missing Ingredient For Feeding The Hungry Is A Cargo Van

But food doesn't have wheels. It has to be gathered and distributed. And that takes transportation, and for the Freeport, Long Island Emergency Food Center for the Long Island Council of Churches, it takes a van.

Over the past 7 years our 1998 Toyota Sienna Minivan (already well used when it was donated) has been driven tens of thousands of miles, through snow and over pot holes. On January 4th it flat-lined at 159,956 miles, a faithful (if not cantankerous) servant that gave its all so that all may be fed.

Donate Here For A Portion Of The New Van

And so the Freeport Emergency Food Center needs a replacement. The need is immediate because, after all, we are an emergency food community service. If you can help us now, please use our online donation website or contact Sara Weiss (saraweiss@optonline.net) at (516) 565-0290 ext 207.

The price tag is $31,330 for a new 2012 GMC Savana Cargo 2500 Extended Wheelbase Work Van. This is the model best suited to our needs and the heavy use the van constantly gets. The total cost includes a few basic options such as a rear window defogger, air conditioning, and air bags.  The cargo van has only a driver's seat and front passenger seat.  The rest of the van is used for hauling cargo.

How The Cargo Van Is Used

A cargo van is the only way we can pick up food deliveries from Island Harvest, Long Island Cares, local churches and community organizations, etc.  

What We Will Lose Without The Van

Without the van, we would lose nearly all the donations we currently receive from churches and other houses of worship. We would also lose food donations from larger donors who each give 25 to 30 bags of food. Altogether we would lose over 5,000 pounds of food a month that are desperately needed to feed our hungry guests.

Beyond Food To Other Emergency Items-A Personal Story

Without the van we would also lose donations of clothing, furniture, and many other items our guests urgently need on a daily basis. For example, one of our guests moved into an apartment on February 1st.  She has two children and no furniture – not even a bed for herself and her family.  We have a donor who would be delighted to give the family a bunk bed that’s been gathering dust in her attic.  It’s too big for any passenger vehicle, but because we don’t have a van, we cannot get the bed to her, and she has no suitable transportation to retrieve it either.  

Food Doesn't Need Wheels

Food doesn't need wheels if you can help us move it to those who need it. Please help us purchase a new van.

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